Sport Court

The sports court requires an access card or FOB.  If you do not have an access card, FOB, or yours does not work, please contact management.  Please be reminded that at no time are dogs allowed inside of the sports court. 


Help Keep our Parks and Walkways Clean

The community has "Doggie Poop Stations" in both park areas.  Please be courteous to others and pick up your dog waste and dispose of properly. Your fellow neighbors will appreciate your efforts. Remember, our parks and walkways are there for everyone to enjoy.

Pool Vandalism

Pool vandalism is a large item on the community’s annual budget.  Please note that if you see vandalism in progress, please call the Chandler Police Department first and then let the community manager know what you saw.  The association has a strict policy which they follow.  That policy is that anyone caught vandalizing the pool area will be prosecuted.


If we work together to keep the pools clean and in good shape, it's not only a benefit to the community but helps keep your dues low too. 

Roof Rats

Who do I notify if I think I have roof rats?

Maricopa County Vector Control has a complaint line and Web Site for information and reporting purposes should you believe you have roof rats. The County can help you determine if you have a roof rat problem. Call the Maricopa County Environmental Complaint Line at 602-506-6616 or log your complaint on their website.


If you would like to do more research on roof rats, visit the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension website by clicking here.

Feral Cats

Feral cat problems have been reported in our community, particularly in the Gardens area.  Below are a few links that you may find useful. 


Keeping cats out of your yard


Information on the TNR (Trap-Nueter-Release) program:


Barking Dogs

Barking dogs can present a major problem within urban areas such as Chandler. While some people are very tolerant of dog barking, other citizens are sensitive to the disturbance. It is important to remember that many of our neighbors work various shifts and may be sleeping at times when we aren’t home and our dog could be barking. The ideal solution is to talk to your neighbor and resolve the issue.


You may also call the Barking Dog Hotline at 480-782-BARK (2275) to have information sent to a barking dog owner in your neighborhood or to receive a Barking Dog Information Packet by mail.  The bleow link will take you directly to the Chandler Police Departments barking dog web site.

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Property Manager

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Please contact the Property Manager for all general questions prior to contacting a board member.  Most often the property manager will be able to assist you with your question or concern.



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